All-New, All-Metal Ford-Licensed Replacement Body
Or Your Original Body Shell Cleaned and Restored
Or Find Me An Original Body and Clean and Restore It
Any Color, Exterior, Interior, Trim, Motor, Transmission, Rear End, Suspension, Wheels, Tires, Options, Upgrades, Etc., You Like!
Parts - All-New or New plus Donor Car Reconditioned
Restomod - A/C, Fuel Injection, Power Accessories Optional
Fastback, Convertible, Right Hand Drive / RHD Available
Custom - Anything you want, contact us!


Eleanor Mustang - Fastback or Convertible
Movie Correct - 450hp Big Block 428 - 4-Speed Manual Trans
RestoMod - 550hp - SB 427 EFI - 5-Speed Manual or Auto Trans
Supercharged - 750hp - SB 427 - 6-Speed Manual or HD Auto
500E Snake - 815hp - BB 427FE - 6-Speed Manual or HD Auto
1,000hp - 427 wTwin Turbo - 6-Speed Manual or HD Auto Trans
Coyote - 475 to 785hp 5.0L 32 Value - Supercharger Optional
DESIGN YOUR OWN - Custom / Other - Any Option
Investment Starting at $149,995*


What is an Eleanor Mustang? A Hollywood version of a 1967 Mustang Fastback created for the 2000 Touchstone movie Gone in 60 Seconds, which was a remake of the 1974 movie Gone in Sixty Seconds. Who built the original Eleanor for the 2000 movie? Cinema Vehicle Services in LA. Who is Brand New Muscle Car? We build and offer for sale 67 Ford “Eleanor” Mustang super car replicas, which are exact copies or clones of the movie car. These all-new, all-metal built from scratch vehicles, which you can buy, are a tribute to the movie star car and are not “kit cars.” You can order the movie-correct model or just about any other version you like including 500E, GT, Snake, modern restomod, supercharged, twin turbo, coyote motor, convertible, or even RIGHT HAND DRIVE / RHD for countries such as Australia. And best of all since we build to suit each car is “bespoke” or tailored to your personal specifications. You design it and we build it, so you can have just about anything you desire. The possibilities are endless; Cobra engine, 1968 body, modern interior, coupe body, custom parts, any color, black, red, white, yellow, blue, you name it. The price or cost of the build is based upon your final design specs. The result is an only-one-in-the-world custom supercar automobile that you designed. If having a hand-built custom muscle car that no one else in the world has appeals to you then you’ve found the right company! Brand New Muscle Car.