Once you decide what you want on your resto-build starting with the 24 basic areas listed on the DESIGN page plus any additions you'd like contact us. Together we will create your individual resto-build sheet or resto-build specifications. We'll  send that back and forth until you are 100% satisfied. After that we'll finalize your project cost and budget, sign a resto-build agreement and the RESTO-BUILD process begins. The first step in any resto-build process is to ORDER your parts. Once the parts arrive we'll PAINT the underside and mount the suspension so we can get the vehicle on it's wheels and gravity on the body. Then we can work the BODY panels and gaps. After we get the body right it's off to the PAINT shop. Following paint we ASSEMBLE the vehicle. Then all that's left to do is to check the FINAL DETAILS and send it home to you...



Step 1 - Order Replacement Body Or Restore Original Body*
Step 2 - Parts, Parts, Parts - Order All Other Parts


Step 3 - Mount on Rotisserie
Step 4 - Seam Seal Underside
Step 5 - Prep for Paint
Step 6 - Paint Underside and Engine Compartment


Step 7 - Install Suspension and Rear End
Step 8 - Test Fit Body Panels
Step 9 - Body Work Panels
Step 10 - Seam Seal Interior & Trunk


Step 11 - Prep for Prime
Step 12 - Prime Complete
Step 13 - Disassemble Body Panels
Step 14 - Prep for Jam Paint
Step 15 - Jam Interior, Hood, Trunk Lid & Inside Trunk
Step 16 - Reassembly Body Panels
Step 17 - Block Sand Complete
Step 18 - Wet Sand Complete
Step 19 - Prep for Paint
Step 20 - Paint & Stripe Complete
Step 21 - Color Sand & Buff


Step 22 - Wiring
Step 23 - Drivetrain Installation
Step 24 - Interior Installation
Step 25 - Glass & Seals
Step 26 - Exterior Trim, Chrome & Emblems


Step 27 - Four Wheel Alignment
Step 28 - Exhaust Installation


Step 29 - Test Drive, Check, Tune, Etc.
Step 30 - Final Details - Clean, Decals, Markings, Etc.
Step 31 - Photo / Video Shoot
Step 32 - Prep for Shipping / Customer Delivery
*Additional Steps and Charges May Apply Per Project