Brand New Muscle Car® (BNMC) restores, customizes and resto-builds customer-owned REPLICA or TRIBUTE cars. Each vehicle that we resto-build is owned by the customer before, during and after our restoration-build process. Therefore, we do not register or title vehicles and then sell or resale them. We are not a car dealer or automobile manufacturer. We do not own the vehicles that we resto-build. BNMC does not buy or sell "turn-key" vehicles. We do not make and/or sell our own parts. We strictly resto-build custom vehicles for customers with their funds and parts per their specific instructions. Following the "resto-build" process we deliver a partial or complete vehicle to the customer so they can register and title it with their local authorities, separate and apart of our restoration-build services. We are an automotive paint, body and mechanical restoration and project management SERVICE company.

BNMC resto-builds cars from both original and replacement bodies depending on customer requirements. Each replacement body or kit car comes with a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) and a serial number for registration. We can provide all-metal, all-new replacement bodies with original VINs and title paperwork when desired or required. Replacement Bodies are Officially Licensed by Ford, GM or Chrysler. We resto-build vehicles to suit. We will NOT tamper with original VIN plates or information on original or new customer vehicles. We restore, customize and resto-build cars to each customer's specifications. We always recommend customers personally double check your local city, state and national rules and regulations for registering and importing (outside USA) an original classic, custom "built" vehicle, or kit car prior to finalizing your resto-build project specifications with us. Customers are responsible for any and all shipping, taxes and fees, including import and export if overseas, related to the purchase, ownership and registration of their brand new muscle car. We will provide all necessary documentation for vehicle body and parts upon restoration project completion. Please contact us with any questions or special requests related to vehicle specification, restoration, transportation or registration. We are here to help.

Each project is unique and special. No two projects are alike. Our REPLICA or TRIBUTE projects are NOT officially licensed versions of any particular vehicles unless specifically stated otherwise. We operate completely independent of any special licensing or trademarks of any vehicle, brand or name other than our own unless otherwise stated. BNMC has no affiliation with Ford Motor Company, GM, Chrysler or other credited owners. When terms such as "Mustang" or "Camaro" are used, they are used for descriptive purposes only and are not meant to imply any affiliation with their mark holders. BNMC is not involved in the manufacturing of body kits or turn-key automobiles. BNMC performs replica restoration and resto-build work on customer cars. We build un-licensed, un-official replica or clone vehicles unless otherwise stated.

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