From the leading manufacturer of the finest reproduction parts in the automotive industry comes the innovation of the decade…

Finally for the muscle car enthusiast! We are pleased to announce the arrival of Dynacorn Classic Bodies, Inc. Replacement Body Shells, complete with doors, trunk lid, radiator support, and reinforced big block enhancements. An Official Licensed Ford, GM or MOPAR restoration part completely welded from the firewall to the tail lamp panel and from the frame rails to the windshield frame.

Bodies include most of the structural parts, brackets and braces welded in place, plus doors and deck lid already assembled. Very little body work or adjustments are required and the hard part will be deciding on interior colors and keeping track of which bolt goes where.

Just think; no more cutting and welding in floor pans, no more trying to locate replacements for rusted out braces or struggling to make the wheelhouse line up to the trunk pan and the quarter panel. All the hard work is already done. How many hours (or weeks) does that save you? That's what makes these shells so cool.

All Dynacorn Replacement Body Shells are encased in raw-steel 2" x 2" tube cages w/shoes for forklift transport. These cages are welded and bolted to the bottom of the shell. Prior to shipping, each shell and cage will be crated in particle board. All bodies come EDP coated but not painted.

If you have a rusty shell and you want to start fresh with a new one, we can help. We are an official distributor of the new "Dynacorn Classic Bodies" program.

You can now purchase a complete metal body. These bodies are made to factory specification. Each body is sealed and primed with a rust-preventative product prior to being crated for shipment.

These are Ford, GM and MOPAR licensed restoration parts completely welded from the firewall to the tail lamp panel and from the frame rail to the windshield frame.

These shells are not returnable. Due to the complex work and equipment needed to change a shell, we suggest a professional body or restoration shop to do the work.

This is drop shipped directly from the assembler to your door (forklift required). This body is crated and shipped by common carrier, however pickup is available (San Bernardino, California).

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Article: "All-New Steel Replacement Bodies" - HotRod Magazine

Each body shell comes with a manufacturers certificate of origin.

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Q: How do I know the welding will be adequate and up to industry standards?
A: Each shell will be welded with state-of-the-art welding equipment in one of the finest assembly plants in the United States. Our assembly partners have been in the restoration market for over 20 years and their work has never been questioned nor has any weld they have ever done failed. That's a pretty good record in itself.

Q: How easy is it to build?
A: This shell is complete so there is no necessity to find and weld parts other than what is required in the front end. It assembles on the sub-frame, so you don't even need a rotisserie.

Q: Are these body shells ready to be finished?
A: No. Whereas they are as close as you can get not being assembled or built on an assembly line, there will still be some fitting and working to make everything line up. Just the same; as if you were working with a 40 year old body shell.

Q: What is the quality of steel used and are the gauges the same as original?
A: The steel used in our body shell program is 1006 universal automotive grade steel. In most cases the gauge will be thicker than that of the original. The steel possesses few additives allowing it to be a bit more flexible and workable than the original.

Q:What about the VIN?
A: A Vehicle or Vessel Identification Number (VIN) is issued by a manufacturer or State Licensing authority. There are three ways for a vehicle to obtain a number:

An existing VIN on a vehicle that is titled in your name can be transferred to a repair part (as instructed by your State authority).

A number may be issued by your State to ID a custom built vehicle when it passes a safety and number verification inspection.

A licensed manufacturer issued a VIN when the vehicle (or vessel) is made and ready for delivery. This can only be issued when a "turn key" (completed) car, truck, boat or aircraft has been manufactured.

This is a complete body tub, extending from firewall to tail panel. It does not include the fenders or hood.

It does include:
Two Torque Boxes
Trunk Springs
Reinforced Trunk Lid Hinges
Stronger 2nd Design Door Hinges
Reinforced Shock Towers
New Floor with 1 Piece Seat Platform
Dashboard Ready for Electrical Pieces, Wiring Gauges & Trim
Firewall Holes Pre-Cut and Ready for Steering Column and Master Cylinder
Trunk is Complete and Ready for 16, 20 or 22 Gallon Tank or Fuel Cell.
ATTN: This is not a 100% perfect shell. Just as it were from Ford 40 years ago, each shell that comes off the manufacturer's line will be slightly different from the one before it. It will require slight work once you put the remaining body pieces on it. However, your savings in time and money should far outweigh the cost of touching up this incredible piece (or pieces) of steel.

Pricing/Payment Information:
MSRP is listed under each body on the Dynacorn Replacement Bodies page.
Plus a Crating and Handling Charge of $495.00.
All Bodies are shipped F.O.B. Oxnard, CA; Freight Collect or you can make your own freight arrangements.
Please call our Sales Department for pricing and availability.

Phone orders only. Payment by cashier's check, postal money order, or wire transfer. Please allow 30 days for processing of payment, and 30 days delivery, shipping could be anywhere from $600 - $1800 inside the lower 48 US, and is delivered in a steel crate. (Residential delivery is discouraged.)

Ford Oval and Mustang are registered trademarks owned and licensed by Ford Motor Company, Manufactured by Dynacorn Classic Bodies Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions we get:

Do I need a donor car?
How hard is it to build?
How much will it cost?
Can I order one from you?

Anwsers: Q: Do I need a donor car?
A: These bodies are intended to save rust or collision damaged vehicles by providing a welded shell to start bolting on parts from your car along with the new parts for the restoration. In most States, an application to build a vehicle from scratch is allowed and outlined. Contact your State motor vehicle division to get the paperwork and instructions from them.

Q: How hard is it to build?
A: These bodies have been meticulously fitted and welded then tested with Dynacorn's restoration quality replacement parts. This assures us that the reassembly will go smoothly and quickly when proper procedures are followed. Depending on the condition of the parts from the donor vehicle (or vehicles), the use of a replacement shell can shave 200 to 500 man hours off of the time needed to restore a vehicle.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: That's up to you. You have a lot of choices to make and options to decide on when restoring (and modifying) your car. This project is designed to save labor time, and in doing so to save labor dollars, when major body repairs are necessary. Professional restoration facilities and do-it-yourselfers alike will agree that the "surprise" repairs to hidden rust damage and re-work to "patch jobs" done by previous owners can easily double or triple the time (and dollars) that the original job was to entail.

Q: Can I order one from you?
A: Absolutely!