Brand New Muscle Car is Granted a License to Build Official Licensed
“Gone in 60 Seconds” ELEANOR® Star Car by Denice Halicki
Official Licensed Eleanors Available Now

Tulsa, Oklahoma, October 23rd, 2019 – Brand New Muscle Car is thrilled to announce that they have been granted a license to Build Official Licensed “Gone in 60 Seconds” ELEANOR® Star Cars by Denice Halicki, Producer of the 2000 movie “Gone in 60 Seconds.” Denice Halicki owns the copyrights and trademarks in “GONE IN 60 SECONDS” and the Star Car Character “ELEANOR” as she appears (looks/image) in the 2000 “Gone in 60 Seconds” which was a remake of H.B. Halicki’s 1974 movie “Gone in Sixty Seconds” starring ELEANOR and are Licensed under Denice Halicki’s company Eleanor Licensing LLC.
Brand New Muscle Car has new 1967 ELEANORs ready to buy, now! Our team has worked tirelessly to have these ground up, full rotisserie, hand-built ELEANORs already in Pepper Grey paint or primer waiting for you to choose your own color. Or we will gladly build you an ELEANOR from scratch per your custom specifications.
You can have your Eleanor in movie Pepper Grey with black stripes, or in black, red, white, yellow, blue, you name it. You can have a new 550hp Ford Racing 427ci or 435hp 5.0L Coyote engine, plus options such as supercharger, fuel injection, air conditioning, power accessories, and more, attached to a new Ford 4-6 speed manual or automatic transmission with Go-Baby-Go gearshift. You can order right-hand drive / RHD for countries such as Australia. Best of all your ELEANOR® can be serviced at any Ford Motor Company dealer worldwide.
“We love Eleanor. She has captured everyone heart with her allure and amazing one-of-kind looks. Starting at just $199,995. Talk about a fun investment!” exclaimed David Miller, President, Brand New Muscle Car.
About Brand New Muscle Car
BNMC proudly builds Official Licensed “Gone in 60 Seconds” ELEANOR and ships them worldwide. Welcome to Brand New Muscle Car, where you can order your favorite classic muscle car hand built from scratch with all-new, metal parts just as YOU want it! Visit for more info. 2019 © BNMC
About Gone in 60 Seconds and Eleanor Licensing
Denice Halicki owns the Copyrights and Trademarks in “Gone in 60 Seconds” and the Star Car character ELEANOR® as she appears (looks/image) in the 2000 remake and the 1974 “Gone in Sixty Seconds.” “Gone in 60 Seconds”, Halicki films, and Eleanor Licensing are operated by Ms. Halicki and her business partner Michael Leone. The companies develop new entertainment products, motion pictures, license and distribute worldwide merchandising products from “Gone in 60 Seconds”, ELEANOR® and the other Halicki Films: The Junkman, Deadline Auto Theft and Gone in 60 Seconds 1989, including the Official Licensed “Gone in 60 Seconds” ELEANOR® Star Car Character. For more information visit:
Contact: David W. Miller II 918.607.8191

Denice Halicki, Owner and Producer of "Gone in 60 Seconds" and ELEANOR®