Exhibit B – Restoration / Build Guidelines

·       Welcome to the most unique and therefore most affordable yet exclusive automobile restoration service in America!

·       We accept and work restoration, build and custom projects one by one in production order per our discretion.

·       Together we create a draft restoration estimation / build sheet or build plan and cost estimate.

·       You apply to our restoration / build program and we accept you and your project at our discretion.

·       We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason at our sole discretion.

·       We can store your vehicle while it’s on our waiting list. Storage is billed to customer at retail cost.

·       You review, approve and sign our Restoration / Build Services Agreement including Exhibits A, B and C.

·       Large restorations require a one-week labor refundable deposit. Builds require half down of build estimate.

·       At our discretion we can arrange for pick up and transportation of your vehicle on certain projects.

·       All vehicles are photographed, appraised and insured as is, including parts.

·       All vehicles are taken completely apart. All parts are photographed and stored.

·       Old parts are tagged, bagged and placed in customer-billed storage as needed depending on project.

·       Each project has its own separate and private storage unit. Storage is billed to customer at retail cost.

·       If we transport things locally between shops, storage, sublet vendors, etc. with our equipment it is FREE.

·       If we use a sublet transportation or towing vendor customer will be billed at our retail cost.

·       Suspension will be removed and any required sublet work done by select vendor of our choice.

·       Restorations / Builds are “frame-off” unless otherwise agreed and may include rotisserie work as needed.

·       Original restoration vehicles are stripped down to bare metal, usually by media blasting by vendor of our choice.

·       Actual FIXED PRICE WRITTEN QUOTE or Restoration / Build Estimation / Budget is created after vehicle stripping.

·       Overall budget and timeframe are reviewed and agreed to between us.

·       You approve plan and submit payment in full for parts, supplies and sublet in advance as needed.

·       We only use the highest quality parts, especially complete sheet metal panels and replace along factory lines.

·       We do restorations and builds on a COST PLUS BASIS. We only charge $75 per labor hour plus only our retail cost on everything else; parts,

        materials, supplies, and sublet work straight off receipts with ZERO mark up on our part.

·       Build updates and photos and Restoration updates, receipt totals, and invoices are usually sent WEEKLY as a courtesy.

·       Builds / Restorations are final audited to the last penny / total cost once complete based on retail receipts.

·       Once majority of parts and supplies arrive and are accepted by us work begins pending labor availability.

·       All steps of our restoration / build process will be followed on all projects, approved in advance per agreed to plan.

·       Invoices are due upon receipt. Wires and checks preferred. Credit Card optional, 5% cash discount forfeited on CC.

·       We select, assign and manage a team of all-star technicians for your project at our discretion pending availability.

·       Labor is billed in arrears WEEKLY at only $75 per hour for actual time worked per Statement of Account/SOA invoice.

·       Labor work and times will begin with the Restoration / Build Estimation / Budget Sheet / Plan which you approved.

·       Pre-paid restoration labor and/or parts, materials, supplies, and sublet work will be credited on each week’s billing.

·       Active projects will be charged a $25 administration and processing fee per invoice generated as needed.

·       Sublet engine, transmission and rear end work will be done by select vendor of our choice.

·       Sheet metal panels will be replaced along factory lines, welds and connection points, unless otherwise agreed.

·       Panel adhesive, seam sealer, undercoat and sound deadening will be used, unless otherwise agreed.

·       The entire vehicle will be test fitted, block sanded, sealed, and wet sanded per our discretion as needed.

·       Reassembly will follow agreed to estimate / plan. Unused new parts will be returned, unless otherwise agreed.

·       We don’t throw away old parts, unless otherwise agreed. They belong to you. We aren’t in the used parts business.

·       Interior installation may require sublet work by select vendor of our choice as needed, per estimate / plan.

·       New wiring, plumbing, weatherstrip, glass, and seals will be used throughout, unless otherwise agreed.

·       At the customer’s option and expense the engine can be tested at the Dyno shop. Results will be shared.

·       Exhaust, alignment, A/C and A/V and other sublet work may be done by select vendor of our choice as needed.

·       Final details and professional detailing may include some sublet work at select vendor of our choice.

·       We review and agree that project is complete. We provide written appraisal for insurance at our discretion.

·       Deposit/s and all payments are credited against final balance total invoice, which is due prior to delivery.

·       Payment in full at $75 per hour plus retail cost on everything else is due prior TO vehicle release.

·       Oklahoma State and U.S. Law allows us to hold, title, and sell vehicles to recover an unpaid service invoices.

·       At our discretion we will arrange for vehicle delivery back to you.

·       You receive America’s ONLY FOREVER Restoration Warranty.


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