Welcome to Brand New Muscle Car. The "what if" division of our business. BNMC was born as the answer to a question back in 2006 when Dynacorn released its first all-new, all-metal replacement body... What if you could build a 1969 Camaro or other old classic car from scratch with all new parts including a completely new all metal body? No clean up or metal work. No worries about hidden rust or metal fatique. No old parts. Well now you can. We Build Yesterday's Dream Cars Today! And best of all you have your choice of year, make, model, motor, transmission, rear end, colors, trim, etc. You can choose classic options or any number of modern upgrades such as fuel injection, air conditioning, power accessories, suspension, brakes, wheels, tires, safety, performance, electronics, custom interiors, paint finishes, and much more. There are millions of modifications to choose from and the possibilities are endless. We would be honored to help you build your dream car. Please contact us today to start the design process. BNMC