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Brand New Muscle Car Granted License to Build Officially Licensed Yenko®

Continuation Cars by General Marketing Capital, Inc. (GMCI)


Officially Licensed Yenko® Continuation Cars Available Now


Tulsa, Oklahoma, October 19th, 2017 – Brand New Muscle Car is pleased to announce that it has been granted a license to offer Official Yenko® Continuation Car builds by General Marketing Capital, Inc. of Westminster, California. These all-new, all-metal customer-designed, one-of-a-kind classic supercar replicas will be hand built from scratch by Brand New Muscle Car in Tulsa, Oklahoma and are available now. Officially Licensed Yenko® new build, original conversion and classic restoration vehicles will be certified and listed in the Official Yenko® Worldwide Registry.


The “Super” Camaro… The Yenko® brand is synonymous with performance, collectible, rare and value. When the Camaro debuted in 1967, it was an amazing car, but limited to a maximum engine size of 396 cubic inches by an internal GM rule. The legendary Yenko® Camaro included a 450 hp L72 427 ci big block engine for maximum track performance. Only 60 of these extremely rare supercars were built. In 1968 only another 64 Yenko® Super Camaros were sold. By 1969 Chevrolet created the now legendary “COPO” or Central Office Production Order special order program where dealers could order Camaros, Chevelles and Novas with 427 engines already installed. In that peak year, 38 Nova, 99 Chevelle, and 198 Camaro Yenko® Supercars were sold, 335 total, still a very small number. Over time, only 783 Yenko® Supercars were ever sold in famous and rare versions of Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, Corvairs, and even Vegas. For example, only 198 of the 185,528 total 1969 Camaros sold or 0.001% were Yenkos®. Today Yenkos® are some of the rarest, valuable, and most collectible Chevrolet models in the world. When one of these unique cars occasionally appears at auction for sale, prices range from $250,000 to $500,000 and more. Imagine if you could order one of these supercars for yourself!


“Here at Brand New Muscle Car and US Restoration, we are extremely honored, humbled and proud to be chosen to offer Officially Licensed Yenkos® Continuation Car built for customers here and abroad. We love and work on all the Yenko® models from Corvair to Chevelle, Nova, Vega and will begin by offering Camaros as Continuation Cars. These are not kit cars, each Continuation Camaro is all metal, with new parts, GM-licensed bodies, and a Yenko® - licensed final result so you can register, drive and enjoy them for years to come as a worthwhile investment. You can order your new Yenko as an all-original classic replica, or add modern improvements to create a restomod that looks old and drives new. You can have the best of both worlds, that classic style that everyone loves combined with new parts, no rust, no worries, fuel injection, air conditioning, 4-wheel disc brakes, modern suspension, wheels and tires, right hand drive, your choice of motors, transmission and rear ends, and even a warranty. It’s hard to beat,” explained David Miller, President, BNMC.


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